B.O.P. Ram Rentals, Inc.
P.O. Box 81858   Lafayette, LA 70598
Ph. 337-232-7267    Fax 337-264-9354


Offering a full line of VBR, Tubing and Casing Ram Rental Services

B.O.P. Ram Rentals, Inc. is a specialty rental company founded in 1993 and is a privately owned subsidiary of Tri-City Services Inc. based in Lafayette, LA.

  • B.O.P. Ram Rentals certifies that all ram bodies and elastomers are OEM
  • B.O.P Ram Rentals offers the most flexible rental options to meet your rental's requirements according to rig scheduling.
  • Customer inventory is stored in our climate controlled elastomers storage facility at no additional charge.

For more information contact:

B.O.P Ram Rentals, Inc
P.O. Box 81858
Lafayette,Louisiana 70598
Ph. 337-232-7267
Fax 337-264-9354



James Huval, Operations Manager